Crave is a fan-favorite restaurant located just off the 55 that was conceptualized in 2019. The restaurant is described as “a new dining experience in the heart of Eagle, featuring hand-crafted cocktails, chef-inspired food creations and a rooftop patio that overlooks a peaceful view!” 

Crave has three simple principles: “exceptional food that begins with quality, outstanding service based on teamwork and a culture of excellence devoted to our guest’s satisfaction.” 

Every member of our team has been to Crave and loved it! When we were deciding on which restaurant to interview first for our Live Good, Live Local campaign, Crave was the first choice. 

We were able to speak with Tara Morandi, owner of Crave. 

K: What made you choose Eagle for your location?

T: Eagle is such a growing community that we felt it would be the best location for a locally owned and operated upscale restaurant.

K: What attracted you to this restaurant concept?

T: We loved the idea of everything being house-made from the sauces, pastas, and bees to the incredible desserts and handcrafted cocktails. We use fresh ingredients along with the freshest meats and seafood. 

K: What has been the best thing about this business?

T: The best thing is how amazing the community has embraced us. We’ve created an atmosphere that is both comfortable and sophisticated while catering to date nights, family dinners, business meetings, celebrations, and everything in between! 

K: I admire your three principles: exceptional food that begins with quality, outstanding service based on teamwork, and a culture of excellence devoted to our guest’s satisfaction. What made you choose them?

T: We chose those principles because we genuinely believe them and every decision we have made has been based around them. We have the most amazing team. 

K: Do you have a personal favorite item from the menu?

T: The ahi tuna guacamole is definitely a favorite! It pairs amazingly with the Devil You Know Rita from our cocktail menu. 

K: Do you have any other restaurants or any business endeavors that you are currently involved with?

T: Derek and Ken run the day to day operations of Crave. They do a phenomenal job and have created a culture within our team that is unparalleled. My husband and I have our own jobs--he runs the Roaring Springs and Wahooz, I work in the attractions industry--so we just try to support the team when they need it and stay out of their way when they don’t! 

We would like to thank Tara Morandi for allowing us to interview her about Crave! Crave is located at 165 E Colchester Drive in Eagle, ID. You can call them at (208)702-7283 or email them at

Stay tuned for more of our Live Good, Live Local Campaign!